Love is... 

Dance Kaleidoscope

David Hochoy, artistic director/choreographer

Indiana Repertory Theatre, March 4-7

DK dancers brought an extraordinary personal connection to four widely diverse pieces exploring love won/lost, pursued/denied, explained/incomprehensible, safe/dangerous, private/public. Nicholas Owen's world premiere work, "Love Key," was the most gripping in its atom-splitting re-invention of star-crossed love. Dressed and lighted in hues and textures of blue, the company massing in military maneuvers becomes a metaphor for embattled love. Fracturing fleeting moments of rapture through cinematic-technique movement and direction, the stage becomes a constant flux of groupings whose countering agendas build tension. Brandon Comer, Mariel Greenlee and Noah Trulock were stunning with their emotional involvement in a triangle where loss detonates into deafening stillness. One needs to witness repeat performances of this rending work to absorb it all.

David Hochoy's Indiana premiere "For Jose," conversely is a softly intimate pas de deux set on Barbara Cook performing Rodgers and Hammerstein's "This Nearly Was Mine." Danced by Timothy June and Noah Trulock, the closing moment is near-perfection. Cynthia Pratt's "Love Letter" and Hochoy's "Love Songs" bear truth to the gift of repeat performances. Pratt shapes poems by Sam Shepard (performed by Diane Timmerman) into seven segments, leading us in the effects on bones, sinews, gut--not merely "messing with one's mind and heart." Five couples in purple velvet richness move like water across the varied terrain. Jillian Godwin's whimsy explodes "For You..." in a memorable solo. Hochoy's "Love Songs" features tenor Steven Stolen performing live on stage, accompanied by pianist Catherine Bringerud. Propelled by Rick Walters' arrangements of five popular songs, the thrill of this work is its choreographical counter-context and fluid connectivity as soloists pair and break off into aloneness, only to pair and break off--much as one observes in watching birds.


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