Love free coffee? Gilmore Girls? Go to Bee Coffee Roasters tomorrow 

In preparation for four new episodes

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If you loved Gilmore Girls, and you terribly miss the lives of Lorelei and Rory, you're in luck, the show is returning to Netflix for four episodes. But, if you ever wanted to spend some time with the group in Luke's Diner, you'll get your chance tomorrow 10/5 at Bee Coffee Roasters.

The coffee roaster and shop is being converted into the shows café and will be giving out 250 free cups of coffee in Luke's Diner cups. The staff and baristas will be wearing and touting all of the Luke's Diner essentials including hats and aprons. There's no guarantee that Luke himself will be there in his flannel, but that doesn't mean his gruff spirit won't live on through his Bee Coffee Roaster surrogates. 

The coffee will be served from 7 a.m. through noon, but if you're wanting a special surprise with your cup, get there early because supplies are limited.

The event, which is happening in 200 cafés across the country and in Canada, is taking place to further interest and help fans get back into the Gilmore Girls spirit before the November 25 release of the new Netflix episodes. 

I guess this puts an end to that whole, "Nothing excites me before 11," thing. Sorry, Rory. 

Bee Coffee Roasters has two locations: Downtown Cafe at 201 S Capitol Ave., Suite #110; and The Roastery at 5510 Lafayette Rd., Suite #140

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