NUVO Interview: Los Lonely Boys guitarist Henry Garza 

During a recording session for their latest CD, Forgiven, the members of Los Lonely Boys broke into the Spencer Davis Group’s “I’m A Man.” The impromptu song surprised the band’s producer and, just as unexpectedly, made it onto the finished product.

“We were in the studio working with Steve Jordan, who co-produced the album with us,” Lonely Boys guitarist Henry Garza says. “We started singing and playing ‘I’m a Man.’ Steve’s eyeballs got as big as golf balls when he heard us do that! Steve told us that he had been thinking just the night before that ‘I’m a Man’ would be a good song for us to do.”

To bring the feel of Los Lonely Boys’ energetic live performances to the album, Jordan decided to record Forgiven on a soundstage. The band found the environment productive.

“The live setup was like a show,” Garza says. “It helped us feel creative. We worked hard, to the point where we would get goosebumps and sometimes there were tears shed while we were recording the songs.”

Garza says he and his brothers find the experience of making music together overpowering.

“Music flows on its own course throughout our lives, and you can’t stop it,” he says. “The feel during the making of this album was naturally positive, although we did shed a little blood; you’ve got to have some pain in there, too.”

The brothers Garza attribute their musical talents to their father, Enrique “Ringo” Garza Sr., who fronted the band the Falcones with his brothers in the ’70s and ’80s. When asked what he would say if his own children wanted to pursue a musical career, Garza laughs. “I’d tell them, ‘No! Stay as far away from it as you can!’

“We teach our kids what we know about music. If they want to get into music, it’s up to them. We teach them to do good things, the right things. And they know that their daddies are going to be right there for them, no matter what they choose to do.”


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