Lollapalooza: Aug. 7 

Today's Lolla let me tired with hurting feet, so I'm going to throw together something quick to give everyone a feel of my day.

- Most of the day was unseasonably cold and rainy, but not in a bad way. Despite giant puddles and muddy legs for hours, no one seemed bothered.

- The audience is genuinely happy to be here. Strangers blessed my sneezes, toe steppers apologized, and festival workers were damn friendly. People aren't about being here for cool points, they want to be here and are excited to be around thousands that are the same way.


- The lines in the merch area are ridiculous. Overpriced tees were expected, but the huge number of people interested in them were not.

Top Three Performances Today

1) Kings of Leon

Beyond the massive light show, dozens of cameras, apartment-sized monitors, and the entire park swarming the Budweiser stage, Kings of Leon put on an amazing show. Their past 2 years of growing fame could allot some on-stage boredom, but they really, really wanted to be there and appeared outwardly moved at certain points (and with acres of audience, who couldn't be?). During the show, Caleb Followill shared that "A lot of people have lost faith in Kings of Leon, but fuck it, we're having the time of our lives." The overall feel was like a basement show for a band still working their up and pouring their hearts into it, but on a ridiculous scale. They played songs from every album, a welcome surprise of my part. Kings of Leon may have people to light their cigarettes for them on stage, but deep down, they're still honest in their grit. Here here to heart!

2) Of Montreal

I went to Of Montreal a little reluctant, but there wasn't much to dislike. I expected elitist audience members and whiny performers, but found the complete opposite. They took full advantage of the off-stage monitors, showing off some lioness and Santa Clause on acid clips. The show could have been a mess, but something about it worked. A Christmas tree shouldn't go with double-necked guitars, feathers with shoulder pads, and gas masks, but they were all on the stage at the same time and great things happened. Their live vocals are impressive, but not boring or identical to their recorded sound. Of Montreal put on a show that was simply fun.

3) Crystal Castles

Crystal Castles are the aged cheese of Lollapalooza. Okay, they're not like cheese, but you should know what you're getting into. Alice Glass is consistently spaced. She leans on the audience, thrashes all over the place, and shares her vodka with the audience. If you're not ready to maybe lose a shoe and slide all over strangers, stay in the back. The closer you get to Alice, the less you can breathe and the more you must dance. Their live mixing was on point, though the show was expectedly about Alice. This show would have been unbearable in normal weather for August in Chicago, but was a sweaty, pounding, mess of entertainment.

For attendees seeking something calmer: Andrew Bird. He can whistle, he can play the violin, he can sing, and his band knows exactly what they're doing.


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