Lisa Wilson 

Lisa Wilson’s abstract, terrain-like compositions break the rule about applying oils and acrylics to the same canvas. Between 15 and 25 layers of both types of paint result in cracked textural layers exposing Wilson’s widely metallic palette of grays, silvers, golds and blues. Her compositions, although abstract, employ traditions of landscapes or cityscapes — horizontal brushstrokes to suggest sky, sea or land and verticals to imply vegetation or structures. Long, linear, thick paint make a foreground of spindly grasses or wheat in “Beyond Measure.” A black underpainting in “The Promise” plays well behind a dramatic, high-gloss, ocean-like scene. Wilson’s work, at its best, achieves depth through light dispersions that bounce back and forth between the oil and acrylic paints. More push-and-pull and matte-and-gloss drama could bring works into the ethereal interpretation that I think Wilson is striving towards. As an emerging artist from Arkansas, Wilson is exhibiting for the first time at Franklin Barry Gallery (combined with The Frame Shop) on Massachusetts Avenue. Owner Don Elliott presents a friendly and eclectic arrangement of mostly traditional and functional fine arts and crafts, and 25 percent of artists represented are from Indiana. Don’t miss the group show opening Sept. 5 celebrating the gallery’s 30-year anniversary. 317-822-8455, —SWG


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