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A friend of mine, when he’s laughing at something he knows he shouldn’t be, likes to punctuate his laughter by saying, “That is so wrong.”

Allow me to borrow that phrase for this review. Lil’ Bush? That is SO wrong.

Lil’ Bush is a cartoon by Donick Cary (The Simpsons) that imagines little George W. Bush as an elementary-schooler in tie, jacket and short pants, palling around with Lil’ Cheney, Lil’ Rummy (voice by Iggy Pop) and Lil’ Condi in an elementary school where the student body also includes Lil’ Bill and Hillary Clinton and other adversaries. Lil’ Bush and the gang have misadventures and misunderstandings that lead to, among other things, Barbara Bush seducing Lil’ Cheney because Poppy Bush hasn’t been giving her enough “rides on Air Force One,” if you catch her drift.

What happens next? Barbara ends up having an abortion in a clinic where Lil’ Hillary works after school “just for fun.” (Lil’ Bush is an equal-opportunity defamer, but the Republicans get the worst of it. The media, portrayed as easy dupes, don’t fare too well, either.)

So we have Barbara Bush, child molester, and Barbara Bush, abortion recipient. And that’s not all.

Each character’s public image is played to the hilt. Lil’ Cheney, who grunts rather than speaks, rips the heads off live chickens and drinks their blood. Lil’ Condi has a crush on Lil’ Bush, who’s completely oblivious to it — as he is to most things. Lil’ Rummy is an instigator and a yes-man. And Lil’ Bill is a pre-teen horndog. Not since Stan Marsh shouted, “God dammit, Jesus, snap out of it,” on South Park has anything on TV been this over-the-top outrageous.

Each Lil’ Bush episode features two 10-and-a-half-minute stories. The preview disc Comedy Central sent included the Cheney-Barbara Bush hookup and an episode where Lil’ Bush and his friends enlist in the Army so they can go to Iraq to find a feel-good story for Poppy Bush’s Father’s Day gift. Lil’ Bush explains his mission in a song that begins, “Come on, let’s Iraq and roll / fly right into a big shit hole / Father’s Day shopping over there / so I don’t have to do it over here.”

Breathtakingly, utterly disrespectful, I know. Completely, totally wrong. But painfully funny.



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