Like a petulant toddler 

In its current state, the Indiana Democratic Party seems void of leadership with any desire to move forward. Instead of capitalizing on Republican wins they’ve only worked against these ideas. If the Democratic Party was to truly represent the working people that are the core support base of Sen. Bauer’s caucus they’d seek concessions with these initiatives instead of being full of blind opposition.

Imagine a compromise with the toll road deal that would protect the existing union tradesmen who labor on the state’s highways. With new funds in the state’s coffers the Democrats could have pushed for various social programs or a state minimum wage that exceeds the pitifully low federal wage. Instead of focusing so much effort on highways, Major Moves could have been altered to include proper regional mass transit. Alternatively, finer points in the atrocious new school funding formula could have been a negotiation point to be fixed with concessions on a subject such as the time zone issue.

However, none of these alternatives were expressed or negotiated. Like a petulant toddler the Democratic Leadership has screamed, “No, No, No!” instead of a more mature, more rational and most likely more successful “Let’s work together.” It’s time for new and dynamic Democratic leadership.

Jonathan Katz


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