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I’ve seen artwork exhibited in hair salons before — paintings intermixed with styling stations. But the presence of Tré Reising’s ambitious, site-specific installation running the length of ALCHEMY’s gallery + salon was a surprise. An old concrete alleyway floor delineates the gallery section that Reising uses like a walk through canvas, directing viewers into a landscaped trail with elements extending floor-to-ceiling. On the floor are beds of organized mulch topped with burlap tent forms stitched and patterned with yarn. Perhaps this is a primitive village, complete with red, blue and yellow painted plants, guide markers and split rail fence. Colors are repeated in lines of yarn stretched from tents to the ceiling and interconnected to white yarn and a white tent in the top center of the wall. Is the white tent like the North Star for this ancient or futuristic community? Trevor Renwick and Casey Roberts presented a similar theme about civilizations in Recent Projects’ exhibition Visible/Invisible. Symbolism isn’t as clear here, but Reising’s work hits the mark aesthetically. ALCHEMY was out of Reising’s “artist statement,” but I was told he is a student venturing in a new direction — certainly the right path. Through June 30; 317-634-9770,


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