Lacking Vizion 

Wandering into the wrong place
I'm always suspicious when a restaurant c

Wandering into the wrong place

I’m always suspicious when a restaurant critic praises a restaurant where I’ve had a negative experience (Cuisine, “Where Space Matters as Much as Taste,” April 21-28). I recall, several years ago, The Indianapolis Star publishing the photograph of their restaurant critic alongside his column, and wonder if Vizion was aware of your presence.

My dining experience at Vizion leads me to believe that one of us wandered into the wrong place. Arriving to an almost empty Vizion at 6:25 p.m. for a 6:30 p.m. reservation, the hostess directed us (four) to the bar to wait for our remaining (four) dinner guests, lest they not show and we take up unnecessary seating. I use the term “guests” as there was no pretence by the restaurant staff that they were doing us a great favor by serving us.

Atmosphere aside, you were right-on about the lobster tortellini. It was excellent. However, had you ordered the shrimp with linguini, you would have found that even the nimblest of fingers have difficulty wading through cream sauce to pinch tails off shrimp. Food preparation should be done in the kitchen. To Vizion’s credit, they provide cloth napkins, handy, too, for blotting the excess oil from the veal.

Of the eight of us dining there, two will return. The rest of us found it, well, lacking Vizion.

Kathleen Rivenburg


I lost my job as a direct result of Sept. 11; I’ve been unemployed for a year. But that pales in comparison to the shame I feel when I chose to pick up your TRASHY rag and wasted my time by reading your [Hammer’s] column. I believe the community would be better served if you volunteered for drug trials that resulted in your imminent demise. Now that I’ve expressed my opinion, enjoy your most-watched TV show [American Idol]. I will be actively supporting George Bush for re-election.

Jake Gould

Recycled letter drivel

I enjoyed your comment on the non-recycling of INsite or whatever that thing is called (Dispatch, Thumbs, April 21-28). I’m glad NUVO uses recycled paper, but must you recycle letter drivel that has already been printed in The Star? Yeah, Smith, this means you (Mail, “No Jimmy,” April 21-28). I can think of no one better to advise any sitting president than Jimmy Carter, who is a nobel laureate.

Paul Galanti

Tied to the same partner

I am writing to share my views on same sex marriage. I don’t know what all the hubbub is about or why people can’t just be fair and mind their own business. Homosexual people don’t like the idea of heterosexual sex and they have are bombarded with it every day. Live and let live, as they say.

I think politicians and companies are afraid people will abuse the system and marry their roommates just to get insurance. I doubt this would happen often as almost nobody can stand to live with anybody else for long. Also how hard would it be for a woman to explain to her next boyfriend that she was once married to the girl next door?

I don’t think it is fair that gay and lesbian couples cannot marry. They should be entitled to experience the stresses and joys of the wedding day. They can face the rest of their lives tied to the same partner like heterosexuals pledge to do. They should have to get a lawyer in order to end it, not just pack a bag and sail out the door, free as a bird. One partner should get the house if the other dies. He or she has earned it. This would be good for the economy. The money would flow for wedding flowers and receptions, anniversary gifts, preachers and lawyers. The state could collect more for marriage license fees. I suggest a small increase before the law is passed so the city can fill in more chuckholes.

But, seriously. Could we please not discriminate against ANYBODY? I believe we are what we are. I am going through menopause and I can tell you hormones are very powerful. I didn’t decide to be cranky just to tick people off. People don’t decide to be gay just to aggravate heterosexual society. Fair is fair. Every person should get to have a partner.

Mary L. Marlow

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