Know your Indy Craft Brew IQ: The answers 

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Here are the answers to our Indiana Craft Brew IQ test, issued last week.

1. What's Indiana's oldest brewpub?
Broad Ripple Brewpub

2. What's the most recently opened production brewery in Indianapolis?
Outliers Brewing Co.

3. How are answers one and two connected?
Ted Miller [former BRBP brewer; now owner of Outliers]

4. Name at least two Indiana brewers who started out as a wine maker? [or name where they brew]
David Simmons, 450 North [Columbus]
John McMaham, Chateau de Pique Pardieck Winery & Brewery [Seymour]
Brad Wallace, Outliers Brewing Co [Indianapolis]
Mike Miller at Big Dawg Brewhaus & J&J Winery [Richmond]

5. How many Indiana breweries have a number in their name?
Eleven breweries (and three pending).
18th Street
450 North
Figure 8
Flat 12
Hwy 50
One Trick Pony
Thr3e Wise Men
Three Floyds
Three Pints
Twenty Below
Zwanzigz Pizza & Brewing
[Pending: Four Fathers; Twisted K-8; Two Deep]

6. Name at least three Indiana breweries with a heavenly body name or a heavenly allusion.
Great Crescent
Half Moon
Rocket Brewing
Sun King

7. Name at least four Indiana breweries with a foreign language name.
Bier Brewery
Chateau de Pique Pardieck Winery & Brewery
Evil Czech
Flat 12 Bierwerks
Das Big Dawg Brew Haus
Ichyd Da Brewing
Zwanzigz Pizza & Brewing
[Pending: New Oberpfalz Brewing]

8. Name at least three Indiana breweries with an animal or bird in their name.
Black Swan
Bulldog Brewing
Crooked Ewe
Das "Big Dawg" Brew Haus
Wolves Head at Heorot Pub

9. What's the difference between a brewpub and a production brewery?
A brewpub serves food and beer brewed on the premises and sometimes bottles, cans or fills growlers and kegs for off-premise sales.
A production brewery's main purpose is to brew beer to be sold off-premise; some have a tap room and offer a limited menu and/or food trucks and fill growlers.

10: Which Indiana breweries come to Winterfest clothed in a "theme outfit"?
Flat 12 and Black Acre


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