Kitty Kitty Kitty 

Two and a half stars
Directed by Ron Spencer; Theatre on the Square

Kitty Kitty Kitty is funny, but it’s also offensive, annoying and slow. But when it’s funny, it almost makes up for all its other shortcomings. The story is about a depressed lab cat that gets cloned, falls in love with and is rejected by his clone and therefore makes more clones. However, each successive clone is more of a drooling idiot than the one before it. All the cats are horny. Very horny. Lots of time is spent with a cat paw on some other cat’s privates. Nate Walden plays Kitty, the aloof original cat — which is apropos, as anyone owned by a cat knows. But Jason Gloye as Kitty Kitty is too wide-eyed and stiff. Jay Hemphill, Daniel Robert and Dannon Crews, though, let the drool fly as the cerebrally challenged clones. While you know you shouldn’t laugh, it’s impossible not to watching these three hump everything in sight. Hemphill also plays Mr. Person, who, along with Carrie Fedor as Mrs. Person, adopts Kitty Kitty. These two are a riot of nasally Jersey accents and Married with Children clothing at first, but by the end of the show the shtick gets grating. Crews also does double duty as Morris, a forgetful but equally horny cat. Dan Flahive is the nerdy scientist, and Robert dons the white coat as his treat-loving but incoherent clone. This humor is not PC, so leave your enlightened mind at home. And try to zone out the generic white backdrop. Through Oct. 4; 317-685-TOTS.

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