Julius Caesar 

Three stars
NoExit Performance, Inc.; Crown Hill Cemetery; directed by Alyson Mull and Michael Bachman

In this one-hour deconstruction of Shakespearean tragedy, directors Alyson Mull and Michael Bachman focus on the words leaders use to sway the masses. Wordsmith Cassius would fit right in on a modern American election campaign, because he knows how to get people moving: Shame them, praise them, scare them or cry, simply, “For country!” Words will get people to the voting booth or, in Brutus’ case, to pick up a dagger. I’m getting to know and like NoExit for its use of found stages and movement-infused performances. The historic Morris-Butler House was perfect for their take on A Doll’s House last spring. Here, Crown Hill Cemetery is sadly appropriate for the Roman blood bath — as well as an exquisite place to end a September Sunday. A retaining wall memorial makes a fine coliseum in miniature. In Caesar, most of the cast are still developing technique, but they succeed, in part, because their bodies are so engagingly framed by the architecture of the trees. Along with rural beauty, Marc Szewczyk’s fine oratory as Cassius is reason enough to see this short Caesar. Through Sept. 28; 317-339-2711.

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