Judith Levy: "Memory Cloud" installation review 

You may have seen a smaller version of this installation in the Big Car Gallery some time ago. But here Judith Levy's vision is fully realized. Hundreds of ball chains hang down from a grid strung between a giant armature high above the Indianapolis Museum of Art's Entrance Pavilion floor. At the end of each chain are translucent viewers, each containing anonymous family slide photos from the Midwest (taken in the '50s, '60s and '70s). Only a fraction of these viewers hang down low enough for visitors to peruse. It is just possible to see glimpses of the slides just above eye level but the viewer-encased slides at the highest level are not visible at all - mimicking the transient nature of memory itself. The desire to take such photos presupposes that you'll be around tomorrow to see them. But our lives - as this installation may suggest to you - are nearly as transient as the clouds blowing by outside the glass-enclosed IMA Entrance Pavilion. Through Jan. 24; 317-923-1331, www.imamuseum.org.


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