Jeffrey Cortland Jones: "3 color paints whole world" visual art review 

I wanted Jeffrey Cortland Jones' seven, small, non-objective paintings to evoke visceral reactions in 3 color paints whole world at the officially unveiled Mt. Comfort gallery (corner of State and English). Each enamel on acrylic panel painting is coated with seven to 10 layers of a high-quality spray paint -- a material Cortland Jones worked with as a graffiti artist. He explained his current process of painting on both sides of each acrylic panel then using techniques such as buffing to create surface variations. Finished, most paintings reveal three distinct compositional color shifts that challenge one to notice subtleties. In works that utilize brighter green or blue colors topped with layers of creamy white, a viewer might think about hazy landscapes. But these works are painterly and not concerned with narrative. They are quiet, not gut-turning. Most intriguing are glowing colors resonating from backsides of some paintings, which could be further enhanced with spot on lighting and perhaps expanded protrusion of works from walls. Then viewers might garner more of a mood from these intimate, color-field paintings. Through Aug. 29; 317-522-6857,


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