Jeff Dunham: Spark of Insanity Tour 

Sadly, I missed almost the entire opening act of Brian Haner, aka Guitar Guy, because the Jeff Dunham PR people forgot to leave me tickets to the show. After the nice people at Conseco finally got my husband and I into seats, Haner was wrapping up and the show went into an intermission. As huge Dunham fans, we encountered two additional disappointments that night. 1. Only apparel and no dolls were sold at the show (I really wanted a Peanut) and 2. Dunham's show relied too heavily on old material that is available on his DVDs. He even tried to manipulate Christmas jokes to make them timely, but it didn't work. The small amount of material that was new wasn't as funny as the old stuff -- but the old stuff wasn't funny because we'd heard it so many times before. As an added bonus to the regulars who appear in his Spark of Insanity tour -- Walter, Achmed, Peanut and José -- Dunham brought out Bubba J for a short encore. He had to read the act from a script, though, since he was out of practice with Bubba. The audience chipped in, finishing his punch lines for him, making Dunham describe Indianapolis as one of the weirdest shows he has had lately. Maybe the audience's verbatim knowledge of his existing material will prompt him to create new jokes. At almost $50 a ticket for the live show, right now you're better off just buying one of the DVDs, which are on sale at for about $8 each.


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