Jason Zickler: Trapped Tension 

Two and a half stars

Jason Zickler’s non-objective paintings focus on color, surface, texture, motion and processes. Works are meant to touch observers in themes — suggesting unity or the subconscious, for instance — and were inspired by Zickler’s studio/gallery in Loreto Bay, Mexico. Zickler uses an “Action Painting” system of applying layers of acrylic paints and epoxy resin without the aid of brushes. He simultaneously works on multiple canvases placed on the floor and pushes, swirls and scrapes colors into formations using tools such as magazines. The resin provides works with high-gloss, enamel-like finishes that often dry in undulating forms. Zickler then outlines interior formations with a fine tip, black Sharpie marker. Titles suggest the associations Zickler himself has with the paintings. “Separate Opinion” is a horizontal saturation of purples and pinks evocative of a cross-sectional cave of amethyst. “Body Gestures” has more defined spatial depth. Overlapping ribbons of separate colors — orange, red, blue — create a foreground against an overall yellowish orange background made with shorter, crisscrossed marks. “Isolated Self” provides the most surface variety and an intriguing sense of conflict because no resin was used for the top layer of the work. The surface looks wet in parts, then dry, and has the internal opposition Zickler endeavors to convey. Through Nov. 28; 317-955-2450, www.ARTBOXindy.com. 

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