J. Brookinz and his "blazing" success 

Sunday night the stage of Locals Only was transformed into the living room of none other than Mr. J. Brookinz. A few simple props (couch, TV, non-functioning lamp, TV tray supporting a laptop) set the scene for the theatrical adaptation of Brookinz’s latest release The Gateway Drug- a celebration of pot-smoking behaviors and rituals.

It was the most innovative and entertaining way to release a CD that this city has seen in years, perhaps ever. Although the album has been out since 4/20, the official holiday for stoners, the event effectively brought attention to Brookinz and his project.

The story began as Brookinz entered his home after a hard day of work, seeking relaxation and a booty call. As he attempted to get his mind right, Oreo Jones appeared from behind the couch and took a seat with Brookinz, claiming he had passed out there the night before. After friendly banter and brief chit-chat (one imagines this aspect of the show to be more true-to-life than scripted), Brookinz hit “play” on the computer, the opening track of The Gateway Drug filled the air, and Oreo stood up to rap the song.

The formula for the duration of the show went like this: enter emcee, deter Brookinz from making plans with a lady friend, joke at each other’s expense, smoke a [mock] blunt, rap the next track of the album, exit emcee. Thanks to the unique attitude and sense of humor belonging to each member of the star-studded cast, every scene was fresh, moved along quickly and never got boring.

Furthering the brilliance of the musical, the actors played off of previous scenes, making the audience feel as though they were getting a true peak into the life of Heavy Gunners.

Grey Granite frantically searched for his wallet, which The Nightriders later claimed they had in their possession and planned to use to buy a bag of weed.

Mr. Kinetik entered amid Brookinz napping and performed a dream scene dressed in costume as Willie Jones from The Soul Sensations. Kinetik’s musical performance evoked the most energy from the crowd as they stood up to dance and sing along with Willie Jones. A fog machine created a cloud of smoke around Brookinz and he watched the dream sequence in a daze from a horizontal position on the couch.

Rusty Redenbacher (who stole the most laughs of the night) entered directly after Kinetik and proceeded to dog Brookinz. “I got issues, man. Every time I come here, it takes me half an hour to get in ‘cause you sleepin’ on the couch.” He then referenced the previous scene, noting he ran into someone on his way in that “looked like Kinetik with a jheri curl wig on”.

To the surprise of no one, the guys at Heavy Gun Blog have outdone themselves again. They continuously raise the bar in their effort to provide cutting edge entertainment for Indianapolis. The only question to be answered now is “when does the sequel come out?”

If you missed this momentous night in local hip hop, you’re in luck. You can watch the show in sequential clips on alpha.live’s YouTube channel. Make sure you thank him for that.

The Gateway Drug can be downloaded (for free) here. You should probably thank Brookinz for that, too.


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