It's time to retire from LIlly when 

ÖYou"re so ha

ÖYou"re so happy, you could scream. ÖYou use the word "global" in every other sentence. ÖThere"s not a depressed person left on the planet. ÖYou invite a guest to the top floor corporate dining room and they "no show." ÖIn your enthusiasm to do the right thing, an error emptied The Endowment. ÖMore than once, you"ve hit the emergency lockdown button at the slightest whiff of an unfamiliar odor. ÖYou speak every language; know every custom, cuisine and protocol Ö so now what? ÖYou"re the one who suggested they sell the company and move out of Indianapolis. ÖYou"ve converted to Scientology. ÖYou moonlight as a street dealer. ÖYou make it a habit to sample every batch. ÖThe Humane Society won"t let you adopt any more animals. ÖEven the catering temps know your in house nickname is "Zac." ÖYou"ve recently begun pestering Ruth with your poetry. ÖYou"ve stopped speaking to Sidney and refer to him only as Mr. T. ÖYou offer to take your Christmas bonus in product. ÖIt"s become a bit monotonous: you entering the boardroom humming, "Eli"s comin" Ö" ÖYou"re caught secretly pushing home remedies to potential clients. ÖBeing on boards bores you Ö matter of fact, it"s downright depressing. ÖYou"ve said, "Oops!" one time too many in the lab. ÖYou"re hell-bent on faith healing. ÖJust to be on the safe side, you sterilize yourself. ÖYour department has earned the nickname "Side Effect City." ÖAll"s well.

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