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If it’s a “No Postage Necessary” envelope, don’t worry. They only pay when it’s used.

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Do you have any information about what to do with all of these envelopes with real stamps that come from charitable organizations? I don’t use them! How many others get wasted?

Thanks much!



Ummm … I guess I don’t see the issue here. Of course, you recycle the envelope after you’ve cut or peeled the stamp off for reuse. Send a card to a friend, mail a bill, sell it on ebay to a stamp collector! I certainly hope you’re not actually wasting the postage.

If it’s a “No Postage Necessary” envelope, don’t worry. They only pay when it’s used. And if you do use the remittance envelope, adding your own stamp helps your contribution go even further because the nonprofit doesn’t have to pay for the postage.

If it really upsets you, it would be wise to contact the charitable organizations to ask them to remove you from their mailing list. And you can always collect the stamps and offer them to one of your favorite nonprofits who will surely put them to good use. Or send them to me — I love to send letters to friends and family.

Piece out,



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