It's in the DNA 

In sharp contrast to my prior thumbs-up is your passionate May 21 column, extolling Sen. Ted Kennedy to “get back to work” because “America needs him” (Hammer, “Get Well Soon, Sen. Kennedy”). America needs Ted Kennedy about as much as Sen. Kennedy needs the brain cancer with which he has been diagnosed. That America has him and that he has brain cancer are equally-tragic malignancies. (I have now survived three internal cancer operations, so I know of what I speak.)

As a Kennedy worshipper, you predictably marginalize Kennedy’s involvement in the death of Mary Jo Kopechne. You state Ms. Kopechne’s death at his hand “pales in comparison with the deaths of tens, if not hundreds, of thousands of persons at the hand(s) of Nixon, Bush(s) and Reagan.” (You forgot the Johnson Administration also being involved in the Viet Nam war.)

More to the point, though, would be the tens of millions ... millions, mind you ... of innocent, defenseless Americans who have been killed as a direct result of long-standing policies strongly promoted by Your Hero Teddy, dictating that a woman may kill the baby with which she is pregnant for any reason she deems appropriate.

DNA research has proven that a baby within a woman has a different DNA structure than that of the woman herself. If the baby was part of her body, as liberals are want to cite, the baby would have DNA identical to the woman; the same DNA found in the woman’s hair, skin, internal organs, etc.

That the baby does not have her identical DNA scientifically proves the baby is not part of her body. The empirical science worshipped by virtually all liberals thus repudiates one of the group’s over-arching mantras: that the baby is hers to kill because it is “just part of her body.”

A tiny stain of the blood of every aborted child since Roe vs. Wade can be found on the hands of your hero, Sen. Ted “where’s the next drink?” Kennedy. If you spent half as much time getting your shorts in a wad about the wholesale slaughter of innocent Americans as you do about your perceptions of various Republicans, the scales might fall from your eyes and you could see Ted Kennedy for the evil perpetrator he is.

Bob Palma

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