It all has meaning 

I completely agree with you about the Grammy Awards (“Out of Touch with Reality,” Hammer, Feb. 21-28). I believe they disrespect artists that have changed the world like James Brown. The comment about Christina Aguilera was extremely hilarious but a little inappropriate but whatever. She is nothing compared to JB.

Though I agree with you about the Grammy Awards and American Idol, I must say, I completely disagree with you about rock and roll being dead.

Metal or screaming music, or whatever you’d like to call it is my favorite kind of music. I realize that my “shitty metal bands” are a lot different than the Red Hot Chili Peppers but I love them. You said that when Kurt Cobain killed himself, rock and roll died, but I think it’s the birth of it. Have you ever listened to bands like Dance Gavin Dance or The Devil Wears Prada?

Now, there are many different kinds of music, all of which have meaning to someone. They may not interest you but they do many, many other people.
I know that the rock they play on the radio is really bad, for example Fall Out Boy. They are the non-talent bands that suck live. But if you heard a lot of the music that they don’t put on the radio, I think you would be amazed.

Also, the rap that they play on the radio is horrible. But again, if you heard the rap from independent rappers that have something important to say, you would take back what you’ve written.

Caroline Jacobson

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