irsay or elvis? 

Coincidence? You decide

Coincidence? You decide
In 1977, shortly after playing a final concert in Indianapolis, guitar-slinging movie star Elvis Presley overdosed on prescription drugs and slipped out of the public eye. Some say Elvis died, others weren"t so sure. Twenty-five years later, Jim Irsay, the guitar-slinging owner of the Indianapolis Colts admits to having a past problem with prescription drugs. Coincidence? You decide.
Elvis, as the story goes, overdosed on prescription pills while sitting on the crapper. vs. Irsay, as the story goes, over indulged in prescription pills while the Colts went down the crapper. The Big E"s right hand man was Colonel Parker, a squat, pugnacious, controlling refugee from a cold, foreign land: Holland. vs. The Big I"s right hand man is Bill Polian, a squat, pugnacious, controlling refugee from a cold, foreign land: Buffalo. There have been numerous Elvis sightings over the past 25 years, many of which have happened at gas stations. vs. In 1984, Jim Irsay"s father packed the Baltimore Colts into moving vans and moved them to Indianapolis. Along the way the vans often stopped at ... gas stations. In Elvis" prime, many people were threatened by his tendency to move his hips wildly from side to side. vs. In Irsay"s prime, many people are alarmed by his threats to move his team wildly from coast to coast. Elvis began screwing Priscilla before she had even turned 18. vs. Irsay began screwing Indianapolis taxpayers before the ink had even dried on the RCA Dome lease. Elvis" private jet, the Lisa Marie, is permanently parked across the street from his Graceland estate. vs. Irsay tried unsuccessfully to build a landing pad for his personal helicopter in the backyard of his Hamilton County estate. Elvis" entourage was known as the Memphis Mafia. vs. Irsay"s Colts have employed many players who are known felons.

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