International Waffle Day in Indy 

An Indianapolis guide Leslie Knope and Ron Swanson could agree on

Today, March 25, is International Waffle Day. A day that combines waffles — one thing Indy's favorite fictional lady, Leslie Knope, loves — and other nations, which Ron Swanson hates. In this celebration of Belgium's (the country the gave us the sax and Audrey Hepburn) greatest addition to the world, Indianapolis has plenty of options for every type of waffle lover.

click to enlarge CAFÉ PATACHOU
  • Café Patachou
THE CLASSICIST – Why change something that is inherently perfect? Café Patachou serves an immaculately cooked waffle with a simple dash of powdered sugar and warm maple syrup. Gluten free? Don't worry! They have waffles for you, too.

Café Patachou
Multiple Locations, 317-925-2823,

click to enlarge ROCKET 88 DOUGHNUTS
  • Rocket 88 Doughnuts
THE FRANKENSTEIN – Muah-ha-ha-ha …  Rocket 88 Doughnuts took two breakfast staples and mashed them into one delicious freak of nature, the Waffle Donut (aka the Leslie Knope).

Rocket 88 Doughnuts
4909 N. College Ave. & 874 Virginia Ave., 317-737-2614,

click to enlarge yiayias.jpg

THE OVER-INDULGER – For those of us that look for the most extreme in all walks of life, Yia Yia's Original House of Pancakes has the banana split waffle. 

Yia Yia's Original House of Pancakes
1694 W. Main St., Greenwood, 317-888-6800

click to enlarge ARNOLD INUYAKI
  • Arnold Inuyaki
- Waffles are great. Fried chicken is great. Together they're magical. Don't believe me? Get to Maxine's Chicken and Waffles, it's like Hogwarts for your tastebuds.

Maxine's Chicken & Waffles
132 N. East St., 317-423-3300,

– Rather make those waffles at home? Here is an awesome new take on them, from the Today Show, to make in your own waffle iron: hash brown waffles, with fried egg and candied bacon. PS make that bacon some jowl bacon from Goose the Market and you'll be in Heaven. 

Goose the Market 
2503 N. Delaware St., 317-924-4944,

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