's Battle of Birdy's Round One, Part Three 

Birdy’s Bar & Grill
Friday, May 11

While the Battle of Bands is a shadow of its glory days back in the early part of this decade, the third installment of the current Battle of Birdy’s showed there is much fun to be had when experiencing new and unheard-of bands from around this great state.

One of these pleasant surprises came last Friday when 806 Main St. opened the battle. Although coming in next to last due to a late-show penalty, these young guns displayed potential with jangly guitar work, strong vocals and songwriting chops. They didn’t have a bad stage show either.

But, for once, the band that deserved to win, did win — even if a lesser, more derivative band won the popular vote. Sounding like something that Creed crapped into a Lifehouse CD, Better than Medicine brought the people but didn’t bring the rock.

Thank God for the judges’ votes, though, which elevated Prizzy Prizzy Please into the top spot, with 196 points. The leader of the band wore ridiculous yellow gym shorts that looked like they came straight out of Napoleon Dynamite. However, the goofy dude in the shorts had some show in him, all weird and groovy. The fact that he was playing a saxophone in a post-punk band and didn’t sound anything at all like ska is reason enough to dig on these guys.

The other two bands who bothered to show up shouldn’t have, as one, the B-Sharps from Ft. Wayne, was so awful that my brain immediately wiped it from memory. Besides … it’s just plain wrong, wrong, wrong to name yourself after one of the greatest barbershop quartets in Simpsons history. The other band, 7 Days Away, just didn’t show up and probably deserved bonus points for sparing us the agony.

These Friday night battles are set to continue until August at Birdy’s. Look for irregular revisits throughout the summer.

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