IndyFringe review: "Wanda and Rhonda's Bitchin' Bingo Bash" 

Wanda and Rhonda's Bitchin' Bingo Bash answers the question, "Does being in drag give you a license to be offensive?" For these two twins ("paternal, not maternal") the answer is yes. Wanda, a "G.O.P. votin', gun totin', Christian," played by Adam O. Crowe, and her sister Rhonda, a "pedo-lovin, left-wing tree hugger" played by Tony McDonald, run the gauntlet of offensive topics. From boob-jobs to Rush Limbaugh to "the gays," these "girls" don't hold back. A couple of the more esoteric jokes fell flat; luckily, the girls had the Bingo game to save them. The Bingo game, for which cards were handed out at the door, was a great way to engage the audience. The game made it feel less like a performance and more like a gossip session you just happened to walk in on. In all I'm glad to say, "I played Bingo with Wanda and Rhonda!" Wednesday, 6 p.m.; Saturday, 3 p.m.

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