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As I sit on my front patio and meticulously read through nearly each article of the July 4-11, 2007, edition of the NUVO, I am elated to see much attention towards the upcoming art scene in Indianapolis (Cover, “Indypendence”). It is great to learn our wonderful city is being recognized for something other than the Indy 500, Colts and Rib America! I, myself, support local art/artists (although I can not afford much I do give them my supportive praise). I am very proud of our city (even more so than the Super Bowl win) and feel fortunate to be part of the Indianapolis community.

So, what about the up-and-coming grand art scene in our new and cool community? In the Local Music piece “Stolen Gear” by Jack Shepler, I come to find out that due to stolen instruments many bands will not be able to perform or carry out their passion. I can only imagine what type of dent that is going to put in our music locale, not to mention the tribulation that has been brought upon the bands. I will not mention my thoughts and feelings towards the storage place itself ... My thoughts go out to the musicians and all who have been effected.

So as I read and swat at the bugs, drinking coffee, not whiskey or rye, I feel as if I can hear Don McClean: “... the day the music died.” However, a hardcore punk cover may be suited better, but I guess we won’t hear that.

Sarah Gore


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