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The woman behind the desserts in jars at local restaurants.

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DeAndrea Rayner pulled up to R&R Chicken, carefully stacking cases of glass Ball jars into her arms before walking inside. This was
her first delivery of the day. The 24 containers were filled with layers of cakes and desserts. We chatted with the new small business owner about her simple but unique idea.

NUVO: How did this start?

Rayner: I went to culinary school [Chef's Academy] and everyone does desserts, so I was thinking what can I do that's different that I haven't seen. I always decorate, and I always use Mason jars for table settings. So I wanted to try different desserts in jars and people took to it.

NUVO: When was that?

Rayner: Six months ago. I didn't want to just go banana pudding jars. I wanted to do something different like strawberry brownies, or strawberry brownie cheesecake, luck charms cheesecake.

NUVO: What does your day usually look like?

Rayner: I usually come here for deliveries then go to the grocery store then bake all day. And then sometimes I will pass out fliers and business cards, I will try and hit places up. But eventually I have to just start baking.

NUVO: Is this your full-time gig now?

Rayner: Yeah. I quit my job at Amazon [around October].

NUVO: What was it like while working both?

Rayner: I would go into Amazon at 6 p.m. and get off at 5 in the morning and bake all the way until I had to go back to Amazon. I couldn't keep doing it.

NUVO: What was the push that made you take the leap of faith?

Rayner: I always wanted to just be making desserts. I was so nervous to start my own business. What if I fail. I guess that's the ultimate concept of taking a leap of faith.

NUVO: It seems to be doing really well though.

Rayner: It is. I want to eventually own my store front, but I will need to hire on someone to help me. Right now I am content with the stores that I have — me by myself can do that.

Indy Jars are available at:
Butlers Pizza
Lafayette Square Mall
Big City Grill and Lemonade
R&R Chicken


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