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The recent prescription drug problems of Jim Irsay proved that there is an appetite for such events. Despite the fact that this is a private matter for the Irsay family, the local media used it as a lead story for over a week. The city leaders, seeing the interest this has generated and the way it was presented, have decided to champion cheap tawdry publicity as a way to move Indianapolis into the world spotlight. Why sponsor art and theater when a smattering of star quality boo-boos will do the job! Already, agreements have been made through agents to bring famous, hot, good looking, slightly talented stars to Indianapolis to go around to various locations and cause mischief. The official statement by the city council calls it a win-win situation. "If a star is found wandering around lost on an L.A. freeway, it"s no big deal," the published statement reads. "However, put that same person on the LETTERMAN EXPRESSWAY, and it will be front page news for weeks. The publicity the person will receive - and, by association, our incredible, amazing, always new city - will be immeasurable."

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