Indy-based urologist unveils innovative new website 

WebMD meets Facebook for urology patients

click to enlarge A sampling of issues discussed on the MyUrologyDoc form.
  • A sampling of issues discussed on the MyUrologyDoc form.

Have a question about your UTI? Fed up with not being able to voice concerns about your erection? Want to connect with other cancer patients? My Urology Doctor is the corner of the internet for you.

Indianapolis-based urologist David Hall recently launched a new, free platform re-defining patient and doctor relationships. My Urology Doctor is a website for urology patients from across the world to discuss health-related issues with each other as well as find resources relating to various urological conditions.
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On his motivations for creating the website, Hall says “Healthcare can be overwhelming. Patients google things and get on WebMD and get scared. Doctors have less and less time to spend with patients and they use a lot of jargon that can confuse patients. I wanted to target patients that are starting their urology journey. For example, a patient with prostate cancer can see and track other people’s journeys and know what to expect and ask at the next doctor’s appointment.”

The site is seeing users from around the world, including some users from the UK and Mexico.

“Articles online can give you 50,000 possible causes for one issue, but one-on-one social interaction on MyUrologyDoc causes patients to have a more concentrated conversation,” says Hall.

He hopes to continue to enhance the online website and add more features, like extended resources for patients and more topics to discuss. My Urology Doctor also hopes to roll out a mobile app by the end of the year, that will be simple for users to navigate. Hall manages all of the site information and frequently contributes to most form discussions, even starting some form discussions himself.

My Urology Doctor can be found on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter under the username MyUrologyDoc. Click here to become a site member and peruse different forum topics.


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