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Thank you for your front page feature two weeks ago from a child advocate, par excellence, with Sojourner, in which he rightfully lamented the amount of violence to which youth in Indianapolis, and elsewhere, are subjected (Mail, “Indiana Proves Unsafe for Children,” July 12-19). It was gratifying to read such an activist expert on child psychology and philosophy, among other subjects, condemning the use of corporal punishment as being, at the very least, non-productive, especially since, to my distress, in my presence recently on two occasions, our congresswoman recommended such method of discipline by parents on their children, to much applause. I much approve of Sweden’s outlawing such means of punishment.

Reviewing, from various sources, the published statistics on the sad state of Indiana youth in 2006, I fear the only good way to assure their improvement is to lower the voting age. They deserve equal rights, and we adults owe them. Besides, I love children and support their development.

Mary Catherine Barton


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