I dare you to say something bad about Good Luck! 

Believe it or not, Indiana is home to so pretty impressive bands. In Indianapolis alone, we have Thunders, Jookabox, Phoenix Bodies and America Owns The Moon. Bloomington is home to Defiance, Ohio, God-forsaken Kokomo produced The Sorely Trying Days and Northwest Indiana has awesome punk bands Like Bats and Grown Ups.

Despite how awesome those bands may be, the best band in the Hoosier state right now is Bloomington’s Good Luck. Their sound is a appealing mixture of The Weakerthans’ intellectual pop-punk with the rowdy melodicism of Ted Leo and the Pharmacists. They may be hard to pin-point exactly, but they sure are easy to enjoy.

Good Luck chilling on the big, comfy couch...
  • Good Luck chilling on the big, comfy couch...

Appearing almost out of nowhere in the Bloomington scene a few years ago, Good Luck caught national attention with their self-released 2008 debut Into Lake Griffy. Shortly after its release, legendary punk cult label No Idea (one-time home of Hot Water Music and Against Me!, among others) picked up the vinyl pressing of the album. Not bad for such a fresh band.

After countless tours around the country, Good Luck finally settled down to record some new material. Demonstration 2010, a four-song EP, was released earlier this year. Despite its brevity, D2010 delivers all the goods. The rowdy side of the band shines through on the Ginger Alford-sung “Novel Figure”, which opens up the EP. The band even reaches new heights for noodling (something they were already well known for) with the adorable ditty “Decider”. Full EP stream below:

<a href="http://wearegoodluck.bandcamp.com/album/demonstration-2010" target="_blank">Novel Figure by Good Luck</a>

The EP ends nicely with a quirky cover of the Prince classic “When You Were Mine” but leaves you wanting much, much more. I hope that the band has more songs up their sleeves for a full-length in the near-future, but this gem of an EP will definitely tide me over until then. To purchase the EP, head to the Band Camp site.


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