I — and his boss — like his track record 

I understand your First Amendment right to write it (Hammer, “More on the Colts,” Jan. 23-30) and I am going to use mine to tear it apart.

First, “widely despised dome stadium”? On many occasions, the NFL has pointed out that we have the loudest and most enthusiastic stadium crowd in the NFL. I know many people that regularly don their blue and white jerseys on home game Sundays and have NEVER said a bad word about the environment at the dome, may it rest in peace.

You go on: “Let’s look at the record. No team has performed better during the regular season this century than the Colts.” Then, “No team has a consistent record of choking in big games,” and then the capper: “Take away last year’s team which benefited from a Patriots collapse in the playoffs and by facing perhaps the weakest team to ever reach a Super Bowl, you have a record of failure.”

This is perhaps the dumbest set of lines ever printed in NUVO, and completely ignores the struggle our SUPER BOWL CHAMPIONS went through. Last year’s Super Bowl win was the literal opposite of “failure.” In some of the worst game-time conditions in Super Bowl history, the Colts played — and won — like the champions they are.

Your comparison between the merits of Manning and Harrison is ridiculous. First of all, both are unquestionably outstanding at their respective positions. And to say the disparity between their commercial endorsements is racially motivated to capture “White Bread America” and shut out Marvin is absurd.

I won’t touch too heavily on your dislike for the new (unfinished) stadium — which I think will help this city greatly and guarantees us a future Super Bowl hosting. I’ll focus my final thoughts on your attempts to run Bill Polian out of town. First of all, have you ever listened to his radio show? He is obviously one of the smartest men in football. Second, he’s one of only two men to ever win NFL “Executive of the Year” FIVE TIMES.

“You could stock an All-Star team with the players Polian has either refused to draft or even worse let go,” you write. I’m sure off the top of his head Polian could give you all the specific money/contract reasons for every player move he’s made. Bottom line: He does what he thinks is right for the team and I — and his boss — like his track record.

Patrick Brickley

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