Hoosiers Unite for Marriage launches awareness campaign 

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A new Indiana organization will keep the conversation about marriage equality in Indiana very much alive.

Hoosiers Unite for Marriage is a bipartisan public education campaign dedicated to discussing the lives of gay couples and their families in support of the freedom to marry. The discussion will include how those families' lives have been negatively impacted or harmed by not having their marriage recognized or allowed in this state.

"We know we are at a critical time in our progress for marriage locally and nationally," says Kyle Megrath, marriage counselor for Hoosiers Unite For Marriage. "People are having conversations that are changing hearts and minds every day as people realize that marriage matters to all Hoosier families."

The goal is for that conversation to continue in the media, the public, and the Indiana Legislature. The public awareness effort is a partnership with Liberty Indiana, the American Civil Liberties Union of Indiana and Freedom to Marry.

Megrath says Hoosiers Unite for Marriage differs from Freedom Indiana by carrying on the torch that organization first ignited. Freedom Indiana was a campaign dedicated to keeping HJR-3 from passing in the statehouse and getting on the ballot for public approval to change Indiana's constitution. Megrath says that effort was successful, but the conversation needs to continue on all levels and that is the focus of Hoosiers Unite for Marriage.

According to Megrath, lawsuits are filed here in Indiana and now all 31 states with bans limiting the freedom to marry have litigation filed. Polls in Indiana from 2012 to 2013 show a jump from 55% to 73% of Hoosiers believing in some legal recognition for gay and lesbian couples.

"Neighbors are talking to neighbors, parishioners are talking to parishioners, families, and friends... they are all talking and people are changing their hearts and minds every day," says Megrath. "We're going to make sure that keeps happening."

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