Hell House: The Demon Guided Tour 

Three and a half stars
Word of Life Church
; 525 S. Foltz Ave.

This is the Christian haunted house that you’ve read about, complete with scenes depicting abortion, death by AIDS and various other misadventures — all of which somehow end up with someone getting shot in the face. The star total does not represent any artistic merit or ingenious turn of events. The star rating (in this case) represents Hell House’s unique identity in the scope of this city’s Halloween events. You and your company will have it on the tip of your tongue for weeks; whether in anger, comedic absurdity or acceptance. I did not go home and rethink my life, or get “scared straight” into any conservative ideology. But, for five bucks, it’s something you have to see in order to believe — or not believe — and for that I give it my recommendation. Approach the tour as an excitable conversation piece, nothing more or less. Some of the after-school-special-style moral lessons are accessible to all people, regardless of faith or politics (the dangers of drunk driving, excessive drug use and domestic violence), while the controversial issues that they unrealistically and inaccurately portray are short-sighted, naïve and, yes, ignorant. But one way or the other, your blood will boil. Continues Oct. 27-31, 7 p.m.; children 10 and under require parental consent.

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