Haunted House: Fright Manor 

click to enlarge A crazed killer taunts from behind a chain-link fence. - SUBMITTED PHOTO

4.5 Stars

Through Oct. 31

I've never run out of an emergency exit at a haunted house screaming "I'm not going back in"... until Fright Manor. The key to the thrills is in the suspense. Time slows down as visitors inch their way through pitch black passages happening upon gruesome scenes and committed actors. The journey is punctuated by moments of silence and stillness, which only serve to heighten your fear of what might be next. My perception of time slowed down; the 30-minute journey felt like at least an hour.

Well-placed animatronics in dimly lit rooms pass for real people until they retract and reset. The setup plays on every possible fear from claustrophobic passages to chainsaw wielding murderers. Get ready to crawl through tight spaces and run for your life. Some visitors may even count Fright Manor as a solid cardio workout as their hearts race and armpits moisten.

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