Halloween review: Hanna Haunted Acres 

click to enlarge A wall 'o' skulls at last year's Hanna Haunted Acres. - PAUL F. P. POGUE

It was a perfect, rainy night for visiting a haunted house, and the walk through muddy cornfields made for an appropriate spooky preamble. With four uniquely themed haunted houses, a corn maze (closed due to rain), and a haunted hayride (popular with the children), there are plenty of options at Hanna Haunted Acres for a fun night with friends.

Unfortunately, two of the three haunted houses failed to maximize the potential of their settings. The first, Hide and Seek, decorated to mimic an old Victorian house, was stingy with its scares. The only thrill was a creepy doll filled room. Medical Malpractice, an abandoned medical ward, was only slightly eerier.

Our final stop, Twisted, was by far the best of the three, with many more creative details. My inner claustrophobia came out while trying to push through an air-filled wall and a never ending maze of white curtains and strobe lights.

I took note in the first two houses that the staff seemed to have more fun with you the more scared you seemed. This time around a willingness to embrace the final house with a more playful attitude led to me getting taunted by two very creepy clowns. Twisted made up for the lackluster first two houses, but I still feel the park can amp up the thrills.


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