Halloween review: Asylum House 

click to enlarge A "hands-on" actor at the Asylum House. - PAUL F.P. POGUE

The near-legendary Asylum House, which has cemented its role as Indy's best haunted house over the past decade, has moved to a new location this year: a sprawling 28-acre site. The creators use every single corner to drive their full-frontal interactivity to new extremes.

Interactive? Oh yes. For those unfamiliar with Asylum House, there's none of this "the performers will not touch you; you will not touch them" business. You're not a passive audience member at Asylum House, boys and girls; you're the damn VICTIM. The actors are all over it and all over you. It's best to play along or run for your life.

What was once a primarily indoor house has unfolded into a wild ride through a creepy neo-victorian mansion, an alien-and-zombie-infested corn maze and a nightmarish backwoods that goes on for ages. Be sure to wear your running shoes.

The most entertaining new addition is a Wonderland-themed sequence, where the Mad Hatter just might have you for tea, literally. It's advisable to do exactly as the Red Queen orders. And for those who've always said they could survive the zombie apocalypse, you have a chance to back up your big talk during a relentless, five-minute obstacle course while armed with only your wits and a paintball gun.

Overall, it's a new location and a new age for Indy's greatest haunt. We can only imagine what next year will bring.


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