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Half year in review

Half year in review

some think the War on
Terror should be focused on
the War on Error

GI treatment of
Iraqi captives would make
Saddam Hussein proud

readership declines
for newspapers but I
guess you’re not reading this

obesity now
battling cigarettes for
preferred way to die

Disney delivers
mighty marketing boost to
Michael Moore’s new film

as fuel prices
rise the “S” in SUV
must stand for stupid

at the last moment
Ashton Kutcher enters scene:
Rumsfeld has been punk’d!

Boston closes more
churches to keep Kerry from
taking Communion

Stern removed by Clear
Channel in clash ’tween bottoms
and the bottom line

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Jim Poyser

Jim Poyser

Jim Poyser is Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana, a statewide organization that was one of over two dozen nonprofit partners in Greening the Statehouse. A former managing editor of NUVO, he won HEC’s Environmentalist of the Year Award in 2013.

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