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Half year in review, again

Half year in review, again
[this is satire]


report suggests that
GOP has better spies
than the CIA

Bush new world order
succeeds in electing a
Socialist in Spain

White House says Dick Clarke
is using American
grandstand to sell book

Scalia recused
from “under God” case because
he hunts duck with Him

Howard Dean quits so
he can run for president
of the Internet

Mrs. Heinz Kerry
is so rich that none of us
can ever catch up

Krispy Kreme profits
nearly triple as does girth
of its customers

Buttafuoco, sent
to one year in jail, may soon
be living his name

Indy boy attends
Head Start with crack trying to
get a crackhead start

Feds OK funds for
I-69 but some think
we’re royally screwed

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Jim Poyser

Jim Poyser is Executive Director of Earth Charter Indiana, a statewide organization that was one of over two dozen nonprofit partners in Greening the Statehouse. A former managing editor of NUVO, he won HEC’s Environmentalist of the Year Award in 2013.

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