Grotesque behavior — then and now 

The tyranny of the majority

Just a few decades ago, Hoosier conservatives were fundamentally united in supporting an agenda of outright discrimination against people of color. So predominant and successful was this negative ideology that the voters proudly elected a renowned Ku Klux Klan leader as Governor of Indiana.

For the most part, societal enlightenment has made it all but impossible for politicians to brazenly play the racism card these days. However, conservatives clearly have not lost their penchant for vigorously working to unite their followers behind an agenda of outright discrimination against people they wish to marginalize. Today it is gays.

Led by House Speaker, Brian Bosma, all the Republican candidates for the Indiana House have signed a pledge to fight for a constitutional amendment banning gay marriage (Dispatch, “Weddings as a wedge issue,” Nov. 1-8). Obviously, this is a transparently blatant attempt to motivate the check-your-brain-at-the-door crowd, to get them out to vote on the 7th. Clearly, no reasonably intelligent person actually believes gay marriage is a credible threat to anyone else’s matrimonial bliss. And even if the teachings of some conservative religions are anti-gay, how dare they attempt to arrogantly impose their belief system on 6.5 million people?

Oh sure, the conservatives would try to persuade us that the majority of Hoosiers are conservative Christians, and in a democracy the majority always rules. Isn’t that exactly the same argument conservatives used to marginalize people of color a few decades ago? It was grotesque behavior then, and it is grotesque behavior today. Let’s not elect representatives who are that morally corrupt.

David J. York

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