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In your April 4 article entitled “Green Movers, Green Shakers,” one of the items in the Resources list on page 14 is a brief description of the Green Power Option offered by Indianapolis Power & Light, whereby customers can pay a premium in addition to their regular electric bill to purchase electricity generated from renewable energy sources. You state the cost as “a few cents more per kilowatt hour.” The current charge is $0.00191 per kilowatt hour (down from $0.0035 per kWh when we signed up last July at the 100 percent level of participation). So, our premium for last month’s bill when our meter reading showed us using 580 kilowatt hours for the 31-day period was a whopping $1.11.

Duke Energy, a key electric supplier outside Marion County, has a similar program, which it calls GoGreen Power. (See It’s more expensive, but you could spend a lot more, for a lot, lot less.

Also, in late February of this year, Lt. Gov. Becky Skillman held a press conference in the rotunda of the Statehouse that didn’t generate much press, apparently, but she announced that the Indiana Department of Administration this year will begin working with Indianapolis Power & Light to purchase 10 percent of the electric consumption of state facilities in Marion County from renewable energy sources (biomass, wind power, solar power or geothermal power sources) by 2010. More details can be found at GreenPowerInitiative.html.

Tom Probasco


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