Greatest conspiracy theory ever 

I have grown to look forward to your weekly columns, because of your “slacker” style, whether I agree or not. Even when you’re misinformed on issues, you’ve got heart. I must respond to last week’s column, “Reinventing History” (Hammer, Sept. 5-12). Mr. Hammer, it’s obvious to anyone who has the courage to spend over 30 minutes researching the facts of Sept. 11, you’re at the very least — misinformed. That day is sensitive to us all, regardless of where you stand. I’ve researched that day and the events leading up to it, beginning 9/12/01. I speak for no one but myself, an American citizen just trying to find out what happened. What did you research?

I’ve found the official government story of Sept. 11 is the Greatest Conspiracy THEORY out there. The events of that day could NOT have happened the way the government reports. It’s hard to recall any facts regarding Sept. 11 that HAVEN’T been disproved by accredited architects, pilots and physicists. Google “pilots for 911 truth,” Google “scholars for 911 truth” … on and on.

Most Americans I talk to, because they are good, decent people, can’t conceive of the notion that their own government would sacrifice 3,000 of its own. Ever heard of Project Northwoods? How about the Gulf of Tonkin Incident, which was the lie that got us into Vietnam. Please inform yourself and see past this left/right paradigm. The Bushes and the Clintons (and the bin Ladens for that matter) have vacationed together for years.

The best way to pay our respects to those who died is to find out what truly happened on that day. I will be more than happy to supply you with FREE DVDs, articles and tutoring. Seriously, Hammer, do yourself, your (future) children and society a favor … be part of the solution; NOT the problem. I encourage you to take out that portable Chinese DVD player that came with your carton of cigarettes and hook it up to that old Zenith TV that you use your toenail clippers to change the channels on the rotary knobs and “take the RED PILL” and see how far the rabbit hole goes.

Jim Monaldi  

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