Thanks for the intelligent picture of the ’20s Indiana Klan (Cover, “Evangelical Lobbyist Eric Miller,” March 7-14). When I was researching the Klan 25 years ago, I had a tough time understanding how 400,000 Hoosiers could become Klan members in Indiana in the ’20s. My initial understanding of the Klan did not include the three different Klans, only the ’60s violent and uncouth Klan. I finally came to an understanding that ’20s Klan was composed of the same mentality as the Silent Majority, as it was called in the ’70s and ’80s. The same mentality is alive and well in Indiana as evidenced by the huge number of “In God We Trust” license plates. There will be four times as many of these plates when the renewal cycle is complete. Now, maybe our good Legislature will change the name of the state to Godiana. That would be heaven.

Robert Van Buskirk



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