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Sports Bar

Corey Wells Instead of moping around the h

Sports Bar

Instead of moping around the house, hung over, doing my normal Sunday cleaning while listening to the game on Q95, I decided to go out with friends and watch the Colts-Steelers game at Buffalo Wild Wings, on Pendleton Pike and German Church. My buddy, Shane, is a regular there. He advised we’d better have our asses there by noon, or there’d be nowhere to sit. He was right. We pulled into the parking lot around five after and it was already filled with tiny red coupes and trucks with oversized tires. Lucky for us, our old friend Gabe beat us there. Every table in the bar area was occupied and every seat at the bar filled.

About four Blue Moons and half a game later, a woman came staggering over to our table. She was well into her 40s, if not 50s. “You guys, are ‘Go Colts,’” she said with a moderately drunken slur. “And over there,” she said, swaying and pointing to the other side of the room, “they’re ‘Steelers suck.’ If you don’t participate … well, that’s your own discretion.”

No one at the table could quite make out just what the hell she was talking about, until she walked away and began the cheer. “Go Colts,” they shouted. She pointed to the other side, leading the cheer. Sure enough, “Steelers suck,” rang from the crowd. It was halftime, and I couldn’t help but wonder how drunk these people really were. We’re in a bar, I thought, it’s halftime and there’s not one Pittsburgh fan in the house. Who are we jeering? Do they actually think we’re at the game?

The latter was probably the case. At times the cheers were deafening. I half felt I was really in the stands, watching a horrible display of football. It’s amazing how much being in a crowded bar, watching the game, can play tricks on you. I’m sure the 5.4 percent alcohol volume didn’t help.

There’s no doubt the best place to watch a big game is from the 50-yard line. But for the thousands who can’t get into the RCA Dome, your local pub may be the best option. It sure beats freezing your testicles off, tailgating. It’s just a shame we can’t do it again until next year.

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