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Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow)
Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow) Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow) Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow) Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow) Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow) Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow) Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow) Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow)

Let Go Oct. 12 (Slideshow)

Photos of Let Go by Kristen Pugh at the Lockerbie Pub.

By Kristen Pugh

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A quick update from the music desk: control of long-running EDM night Juxtapose has been handed over to emerging party music label Rad Summer. They've christened their new night "Werk," and they be werking extra hard to bring together all the different dance music niches that exist in the city.

Below, a statement from label employee JP.

"Starting January 8th, Rad Summer presents Werk at the Melody Inn. Inheriting the legacies of both the longstanding tradition of EDM at The Melody Inn on Tuesday nights and the epic dance party that is Let Go, Werk will be an open format weekly dance party that will feature the best dance music that Rad Summer can bring you.

Our goal with Werk is to bring together all of the niches of dance music culture in Indianapolis by booking rotating lineups of DJs and live acts. Between all of the different scenes, Indy is teaming with EDM from Cultural Cannibals, Keepin It Deep, IndyMojo, Grime Time Collective, A Squared, Heavy Gun, Rad Summer, etc. We also intend to make the most of the Melody Inn's stage by incorporating danceable live acts into Tuesdays. A night that brought together the talent of all these different factions could easily be one of the best the city has ever seen.

We borrowed the name Werk and logo from a short lived monthly Action was doing with Lemi Vice in Louisville. Beyond just sounding catchy, "work" has long been associated with the mother of all EDM house music as synonym for dancing.

We're just now sketching out lineups, but expect the usual cast of characters like Oreo, Andy D and Party Lines. We also hope to introduce people to up and coming acts like Ursa Major, Freddie Bunz, Ghost Town Gang and Flaco.

Overall, I think you can expect the night to be pretty rad."

You heard it from Rad Summer — Werk is where it's at on Tuesday nights, starting this January.


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