Gen Con author makes a fantastic debut 

A local sci-fi and fantasy author will unveil his new book at Gen Con

click to enlarge David Pancake (left) made a sculpture of one of Hans' (right) mythical creatures. - SUBMITTED
  • David Pancake (left) made a sculpture of one of Hans' (right) mythical creatures.
  • Submitted

Local author, Hans Cummings, will be debuting his most recent novel at Gen Con. He is currently writing a fantasy series and and separate sci-fi series of young adult books. He commissioned local sculptor David Pancake to bring to life a character from his series. We caught up with him to discuss his pending title.

NUVO: If you were to describe the series in a Tweet or less...

Hans Cummings: Two of the three are like Boy Scouts or Girl Scouts in space ... They go off and their camping trips are on different planets instead of the national park. There was a galactic genocide like a generation ago. And he is starting to uncover that it wasn't as black and white as the news media would have them believe.

NUVO: What is the writing process like for a series versus a single piece of fiction?

Cummings: Usually I have an idea of where I want the series to go. I don't necessarily always write it down. I have this mental block that if I write it down, I am locked into this. Even though pencils have erasers. ... I have heard that there are two schools of thought on how to write a book. Some people plot it out meticulously and outline every plot point. Some people just have "this is where it starts and this is where it ends,"and just kind of wing it in between.

NUVO: Any spoilers for the book you have coming out during Gen Con?

Cummings: The trilogy plot is different from the book plot. ...The protagonist is a minotaur, because I write all of my stories from the viewpoint of the monsters. Not a lot of people do that. Everyone has all these knights and wizards and heroes. I thought 'well, they are always going out and killing these monsters, so what are there lives like?' So I wrote from their point of view. ... Those were what the first two books were. ... now our protagonist ... has got to go back to the town where he was born to deal with mistakes he made when he was younger. So really the series is about responsibility.

Hans Cummings will have a booth in Authors' Avenue at Gen Con.


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