Friends First: Collaborative Works by Brian Presnell 

Marsh Gallery at the Herron School of Art and Design

Brian Presnell and his collaborators take stock production paintings and attempt to make them more relevant to contemporary life. This show, at least, is advertised as such. A painting of a sailboat in open water loses its tranquility when a rocket, painted in acrylic over the original oil, takes off from the cliffs in the background. This particular piece is entitled (or you might say retitled) "North Korea." Another example of this appropriative sabotage is "Southern Belle." The original painting depicts a young girl in a flowing white dress standing against a dark, stormy landscape straight out of Gone with the Wind. By painting a dancing pole in front of this girl, Presnell completely changes the context of the painting and seemingly makes a mockery of the Old South. This kind of appropriation is not particularly new or original. That is, you can pick up a book in the humor section of any bookstore depicting mustachioed Mona Lisas and the like. But at least this show is humorous. Through January 31st; 317-278-9423,


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