Five minutes with Ace One of Dead Man's Switch 

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Emcee and vocalist Ace One sat down with us to discuss his band, Dead Man’s Switch and their performance at Oranje. Ace One released a full-length, Rap Monster, on Saturday, Sept. 1, but at Oranje, he’ll appear with his group to “scringe.” Not quite sure what that means? Read on.

NUVO: Is this Dead Man’s Switch’s first time at Oranje?

Ace One: This is our first time at Oranje. It’s not my first time at Oranje, but for the band it’s our first time. And for some of the guys it’s their first time to Oranje ever, so they’re going to freak out. I can’t wait.

NUVO: How excited are you guys to perform at the exposition?

Ace One: I am truly excited. I love doing Dead Man’s Switch. I love being in Dead Man’s Switch, and I truly love Oranje. Getting to perform at Oranje, to me, is a privilege for sure. Playing is just icing on the cake, because Oranje really is just really awesome in itself. Dead Man’s Switch’s first time at Oranje is going to be wild, crazy and loud.”

NUVO: This band’s sound level is outrageous. You’re pretty noisy. What will fans see and hear at Oranje?

Ace One: The sound. The sound is Don Cheadle incarnated. It’s unexplainable. You’re just going to have to be there. The audience will take away what they will. It’s like the Thunderdome. Two men enter, one man leaves. It’s the sound, and it’s going to happen.

NUVO: Well, my expectations are high! Can you describe the transition from rapping to singing? I think you actually have a name for it.

Ace One: Yes I do. “Scringing” or “seeming,” and they spell how they sound. Well, I’m in The Breakdown Kings, and granted, I do sing, but it’s more of a traditional singing. Dead Man’s Switch though, I must say, it did not come as hard as it would seem. I’ve come to find out that I’m not just a Rap Monster; I’m a Rock Monster, too. It’s fucking crazy. I know these guys [in the group and] I love these guys.

NUVO: What does it feel like to be in an Indy supergroup?

Ace One: Ha! I’m going to say it’s Captain Awesome. (laughs) No, but really, it truthfully is. I feel truly blessed.

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