EZ Money 

With the upcoming EZ Money, writer/director Dan T. Hall completes his third outing of family entertainment films, following up the success of 2004’s Lil River Rats.

EZ Money brings back some of the same kids with a knack for finding trouble, led by Molly (played by Hall’s daughter, Molli), as they get caught up in a get-rich-quick scheme on the Internet; lightning strikes, government agents go wacky, the Nigerian mafia shows up; mayhem ensues.

EZ Money premieres April 13 at 6 and 8 p.m. ($15) at the Indiana History Center, and begins an open-ended run at the Cinema Grill, 1289 W. 86th St., on April 15.

“The theme is for kids that some things are too good to be true,” Hall said. “If it sounds too good to be true, it usually is. The Internet is not as safe as people think it is; it’s the wild, wild West and all that good stuff.” The movie includes cameos from numerous local celebrities, including champion wall-climber Tori Allen, radio’s Wank & O’Brien and musician Jennie DeVoe. Terri Mann from Lil River Rats also returns, playing scam villainess Dukane Delante.

With three features completed, Hall doesn’t plan to slow down; he has a number of projects in the works, ranging from a stalker/horror film to another kid’s adventure entitled The Dumb Vinci Code (about hidden messages in the Three Stooges movies). In addition, Lil River Rats continues to play frequently on Showtime.

“I’m learning a lot more about the process, and in the process I’m learning more about myself, the strengths and weaknesses I bring to the filmmaking venue, and what I can do better next time,” Hall said. “And relearning the passion part of it every time. It’s grueling. Making a movie is like a triathlon for eightweeks or so.”

For more information check out www.ezmoneymovie.com or call 317-685-9103.

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