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I share with you the frustration of poor attendance at arts activities in this community, whether it be theater, music, dance, visual art, etc. (Hoppe, “Change in the weather,” June 7-17) Unfortunately, I am one of the culprits. I so much want to attend many more plays and concerts, etc. — there are so many wonderful offerings, and I especially support the Phoenix in bringing more cutting-edge theater to our community. For my family, the problem is finances. I am not in any way suggesting that the prices are not fair or comparable to those in other cities, or perhaps even better than in other cities. I have not made such comparisons. I only know that whenever we do purchase theater tickets, it’s a hardship for us, and we have to be very selective and only attend a small number of performances in a year. We’d rather it were otherwise.

I just wanted you to know that it’s not for lack of interest, or apathy, or backward thinking. It’s choices we (as individuals or families) have to make about what we can afford to do. I certainly hope this city will flourish in the arts of all kinds and maybe I can think of ways to attend more often.

Sabrina Falls

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